Knew Born Organizm

by Divine Fools

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released October 17, 2012

Rylo on all production
Wolphe & Optimystic on Engineering & Mixing

Much love to the homie Wesley Mager




all rights reserved


Divine Fools

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Track Name: Knew Born Organizm - Detox
Where we fall is where we land
Where i fall is where we stand

Never will i give into my enemy sending me this negative energy
I'd be better off defending me
Locking up a rebel is stopping a river from flowing
Walking with the Devil is like walking with your eyes unopened
Broken bones battered by their night sticks and hand guns
Blue and red turned me into black and blue abandoned
These handcuffs getting tighter with every single breath blown
Mug shot painted on the bare wall, stone cold.

I read the poems carved in walls of my cell block
stories of systems built on saints stuck in Detox
I'm in a hole where i can't see the lightning
keep my head down sucking venom out my bee sting
On a dead end road with these broken soldiers telling me where to go
with a gun and a shield and a chip on the shoulder heavier than the goal
in the black of the night they came and took me from my home
now all i got is darkness and the sound of you hanging up your phone

When i fall in the forest my head hits the ground
But no one's around so it makes no sound
When i cry to the moon only the sun
Can consume me enough to leave me with any breath left

Take a step forward on the path, relax,
and never think of looking back, the map is what you craft
Ask not for protection expect no direction
I left with a new sense of detention
Intervention by violent destruction
No need to mention the peace interrupted
Trust no one without any function
With the intention to make you suffer

No Way Out From Here
No Way To Escape
No Way Home From Here
Who Can Save Me Now

So who will be free
(so we'll be free)
so who will stand tall
(so we'll stand tall)
so who will be brave
(so we'll be brave)
and who will stand tall
(so we'll stand tall)
Track Name: Knew Born Organizm - Trance&Dance
theres holes in my shoes but my souls on the loose
I'm flowing through the movements of my own transcendence
the shadows watch on walls as i howl at the moon
Im flowing through the movements of my own trance and dance

The established should be abolished
these apathetic alcoholic societies can suck it
i'm bouncing off the walls these downers arent working for me
the straight jacket slave racket mountains are crumbling
I'm tumbling down a rabbit hole dont know how far i can go
i'm breaking parole im robbing the tollbooth making my mushrooms soggy with orange juice pouring it in and stop to release
the toxins are filled with sin and disease we're dinner for thieves
stolen golden ratios hiding in the basement blown speakers run adjacent to tweakers in tinfoil hats
kids are playing videogames learning the art of mortal combact
making outer contact
forgiven inner wisdom fading
taking place by dirty dishes
thirty something dirty secret flirty secretary
apparently money was green she'd never seen it
saw lust at first sight
it made her see sick
thats how the greed lives
we're all puzzled pieces of a realer lover dreamer
so whose your jesus? and wheres the peace it has escaped
our dignity is crushed under its own weight
Track Name: Knew Born Organizm - Duende
This song is about people

We have come a long way, and we have a long way to keep going...

This song is for you

I've been blessed
with notes and rests
came from east to west
just to lay my head down
On this solemn stone I carve broken bones and bad quotes to make armor
Bad Karma will always catch up
Bodhi Dharma never spoke loud enough
i know we all feel like bike spokes its tough just spinning and spinning and spinning so out of control but theres love

I'm fluent in below the influence
I'm looking at a world of discontent
and issues but its a misuse of your consciousness as I'm puffing on this Parliament I can't find enough in my pocket to make change for the common zen+s
We were drowning in arguments
trying to turn lead to gold pound for pound but we lost our heads
but it all connects
I saw her waiting under rain clouds wonder how the pain sounds in the past tense
I'm deciphering your body language through fibonnaci sequences climbing out the hole that anguish sealed me in, speaking in tounges she taught me how to take chances
now I pour a little liquor out when we raise glasses

Ashtrays filled with bad days memories I used to tell you I'd do anything for you to remember me
gave you kiss
said goodbye

yeah it ends like this

All Along
She knew exactly where i belong

Build it all up, and then watch it fall
(back down to the earth)
We search to solve, it hopes to dissolve
(back down into dirt)
The waves are calm, flowing through her arms
(too afraid to get hurt)
I travel slow, waiting for rebirth
(or do i get to die first)

Skin red from the sun under her flushed cheeks
never getting enough of what she's given me
while we're living free, will you believe in me
and let me slither up your breast and rest in peace
Sea sick from spinning me around (and around)
i'm feeling dizzy but i love how it calms me down
hidden behind the clouds of smoke and fog
i hear her calling my name
bang! bang! bang! someone's knocking at the back door
i just keep on riding till i hit the shore
never looking back crooked path driven by the oars
made of feathers from the bird with the scarlet tail
reborn anew to live again like my old soul
but informed all knowing from my gravestone
being dragged by the wind leaving a paved road
for the slave to discover when he hops the boat
bang! bang! bang! all the stars are falling from the sky
i better stick out my tongue and sing a lullaby
i just keep smiling till i hit the floor
just keep running through every open door
i know i'll see it through and eventually be free
i already have the patience to grow my wings
chasing beez all the way up the tree
leave me hanging like an ornament
(My IdEntity)

All along
(all along I've known)
She knew exactly where i belong
(So now we wait)

I got a black box full of your old memories you see me from the sky where I'm meant to be
know it's peace
gave you a kiss
Didn't get to say goodbye but it ends like this
Track Name: Knew Born Organizm - New Moon
A society rising inside a larger system in the same hallways where all children felt like they were victims
a smile grows a mile wide
enlightened and entangled
interwoven through a generation held by their achilles ankles
over waters we all recognized as poisonous and filthy
knowing we're all scared to die alone we come together as a city
once lost and drown again we've found a glory to return to
beheaded the mastadon with no mask on
left to burn you
peel back the layers of the blue lotus and hold the closest moments closer open wider third eyes cuz the shining will not blind you
we're put together in our circles interconnect and form a picture
a mosaic enhanced by the fact that we're all different
different images different in books and pages but the same
coming together again and again
again and again

Be Here Now
Love for the soul, its all coming together
Hold on, hold out
Your soul is here forever
After winter comes the spring
We'll find our way to heaven
This Optimystical espree can answer all our questions

Be Here Now

Now i know where i am, Nowhere
Now here, Be here now